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Rock Moving Equipment

Rock Jaw™ is a patent-pending steel attachment that makes moving and setting large rocks a snap. Designed for the landscape contractor, stonemason, or anyone else who works regularly with rocks, Rock Jaw™ will let you work faster, better and with less labor than ever before.

Product Features

  • Rock Jaw™ chains to any heavy equipment within seconds
  • Works with: excavators, backhoes, loaders, utility tractors, skid steers, cranes, lifts, etc.
  • Use the handles to rotate the rock 360° to present its ideal face and gently set into place
  • Rock Jaw™ can be removed in seconds so you can perform other tasks - excavating, back filling, etc.

Product Specifications

  • Rock Jaw™ is manufactured at Michigan's Bayshore Steel
  • Arms open to 52 inches
  • Lifting capacity of 4,500 pounds (2.25 tons)
  • Serrated teeth grip any shape
  • Offset arms prevent torque and twisting
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Sold exclusively in Michigan by
Northern Hardscape Supply

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